10 Sensational Southern Sea Otter Facts

    It seems safe to say that otters are the teddy bears of the ocean. Children and adults alike enjoy encountering these adorable, playful, and fluffy […]
Sea lion basking on Long Beach whale watching cruise

8 California Sea Lion Facts

California sea lions are a beloved sight along the rugged Pacific coastline of the Golden State. Their playful antics and distinctive barks draw both locals and […]
Long Beach underwater reef

10 Facts About the Pacific Garbage Patch

The Pacific Garbage Patch, a colossal vortex of plastic waste and debris swirling in the Pacific Ocean, stands as a somber reflection of our environmental crisis. […]
Kristina - Long Beach California Whale Watching Boat

Pelagic Fish Explained

If we were to ask you what tuna, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies all have in common—and you’re not allowed to mention their consumption by humans—then the […]
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