Whale Watching
in Long Beach

For almost two decades, Harbor Breeze Cruises has provided top of the line whale watching excursions to individuals and families from across the globe. We are the top destination for whale watching in Long Beach, bringing stunning sea life up close and personal to spectators on our fleet of safe and comfortable boats. The best part of a Long Beach whale watching trip with Harbor Breeze Cruises? You never know what you might see! You could catch a glimpse of the majestic Pacific Gray Whale during its annual migration from Alaska. Or, you just might see the incredible Humpback Whale flip breach the surface. No matter the time of day or season, creatures of the sea are never far from view, from orcas to fin whales, minke whales to dolphins, and so much more.

Each Long Beach whale watching cruise with Harbor Breeze is conducted by a knowledgeable captain expertly trained in manning your vessel while also providing comprehensive narration of the marine life you see. Individuals of all ages will love their one of a kind adventure out on the water. We proudly offer morning tours for those early birds who just can’t wait to locate Long Beach’s spectacular sea mammals. Additionally, afternoon departures are available for those that prefer. No matter the tour you choose, we guarantee a fun-filled journey you’ll remember for years to come. Join Harbor Breeze Cruises on an exciting California whale watching journey to view some of the largest mammals on the planet.

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whale jumping out of the water onto its back

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Throughout the year along with Gray and Blue Whales you may also see Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, and Killer Whales (Orcas). Other wildlife frequently spotted off the coast of Long Beach are Dolphins including Common, Bottlenose, Risso's, and Pacific White Sided. The diversity in sea life found off the cost of Long Beach is special, and unlike any other region.

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Los Angeles
Whale Watching

We are the top destination for whale watching in Long Beach. Join Harbor Breeze Cruises on an exciting California whale watching journey to view some of the largest mammals on the planet. Our experienced Long Beach crew and knowledgeable Aquarium of the Pacific educators will guide you on every voyage as we search for all types of awe-inspiring marine life.

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Explore the Pacific

Your unforgettable whale watching excursion with Harbor Breeze Cruises is just a few clicks away! No matter how much time you plan to spend in Long Beach, this one of a kind activity is sure to be a hit with each member of your family. Call for reservations or information on our Long Beach whale watching cruises available all seasons, year round. We'll be glad to hear from you, and we'll provide your group with the most comprehensive and informative whale watching cruise available. Come join the fun and excitement of viewing one of nature's most incredible mammals.

Helpful Tips For

Long Beach Whale Watching

With whale watching an integral part of Long Beach culture, rigorous safety standards and regulations have been set to ensure families can continue to participate in this thrilling activity without worry. Under the care of the experienced and dedicated staff at Harbor Breeze Cruises, you’re in good hands.

Once you step on your boat, we invite you to sit back, relax, and be on the lookout for all the sea life the Pacific has to offer. While we will do everything in our capacity to ensure your satisfaction, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make for a comfortable whale watching trip:

1. Pack a Light Jacket. Off the coast of Long Beach out on the water, the temperature will be cooler. By bringing a light jacket and dressing in layers, you can avoid unwanted chills that may detract from your Long Beach whale watching experience!

2. Lather on the Sunscreen. While out on a Harbor Breeze Cruise, you can expect to be on your boat for a few hours. On sunny days make sure to protect your skin to prevent unpleasant burns.

3. Protect Against Motion Sickness. There is nothing worse than excitedly embarking on your whale watching tour, only to find yourself seasick when the boat gets moving. Those prone to seasickness should take over the counter medication prior to departure, or invest in non-medicinal alternatives such as Sea-Bands.

4. Be patient. The most important tip to remember for your cruise is to be patient. Catching sight of the incredible marine life Long Beach has to offer can be breathtaking, however when and where sea animals pop up is unpredictable. Until we spot a majestic whale, simply enjoy your time out on the water.

Why Whale Watch
in Los Angeles?

When it comes to choosing your whale watching location, you have a number of options around the globe. However, nothing beats whale watching in Long Beach, Southern California. For decades, areas including the coasts of Long Beach have served as a hub for whale watching excursions simply because of the unmatched variety of marine life that migrate to the area year round. No matter the time of year, you just might catch a glimpse of whales feeding, socializing, and mating.

Whales You Might See

On Your Long Beach Cruise

Keep a lookout! You just might see the following whales when you book your whale watching tour with Harbor Breeze Cruise:

blue whales seen by harbor breeze cruises

Gray Whales

As their name indicates, the gray whale can be most easily identified by its deep gray coloring peppered with white patches. Considered to be a medium sized whale, gray whales can reach up to 45 feet in length. The gray whale is known best for having one of the longest migrations of any mammal on the planet. Due to their unique migratory patterns, gray whales can be seen year-round off the coast of Long Beach. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these majestic beauties!

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Blue Whales

Catch sight of a blue whale on your whale watching cruise and you’ve officially seen the largest animal on earth. Believe or not, these massive sea mammals weigh an average of 150 tons at a length of up to 100 feet. Much like the gray whale, blue whales can be spotted off the coast of Long Beach year round. While out on your whale watching cruise, you just might catch the blue whales feeding on their favorite food: krill!

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gray whale breaching water
fin whale the ocean

Fin Whales

At an average of 65 feet long and 150,000 lbs, the fin whale ranks as the second-largest animal on the planet, right behind the blue whale. Fine whales received their name from the trademark dorsal fin that grows to be about 60 cm high. Interestingly, few details are known about the specific migration patterns of the fin whale. However, they are routinely spotted in waters off the coast of Long Beach at various points throughout the year.

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Humpback Whales

The humpback whale is always a crowd favorite when spotted during a whale watching excursion. With its uniquely patterned tail fluke and wing-like flippers, the humpback whale is a sight to behold. These whales make their way to the coasts of California during the summer months to feed, delighting whale watchers with their signature acrobatic moves. In fact, humpback whales regularly jump out of the water- a sight not to be missed on your tour.

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