Uncovering the Coolest Giant Pacific Octopus Facts

Are you ready to learn about a color-changing magician with suction cups on its arms and a strong preference for solitude? This fascinating creature is the […]

Sea Spotlight: California Kelp Forests

What is a kelp forest? What’s a California kelp forest? And is the California kelp forest dying? Our team at Harbor Breeze Cruises will answer all […]

Whale Watching Season in Southern California

         At Harbor Breeze Cruises, we specialize in taking you on unforgettable whale-watching excursions. We love what we do, and it’s always a pleasure when we […]

10 Sensational Southern Sea Otter Facts

    It seems safe to say that otters are the teddy bears of the ocean. Children and adults alike enjoy encountering these adorable, playful, and fluffy […]
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