whale underwater seen by harbor breeze LA whale watching cruises

5 Different Pacific Ocean Currents

Did you know that the Pacific Ocean is home to many major ocean currents? Currents of the Pacific Ocean play a crucial role in regulating global […]

A Guide to False Killer Whales

Most people are familiar with killer whales, also known as orcas. These apex predators are widely recognized marine mammals belonging to the dolphin family. Known for […]
orca sighting seen by harbor breeze Long Beach whale watching cruises

Orca vs Great White Shark: Who’s the Apex Predator

The world’s oceans are full of fascinating creatures, including quite a few large and rather intimidating marine animals! If you love nature and the ocean as […]
Long Beach whale watching boat from harbor breeze cruises

8 Must-Know Pink River Dolphin Facts

When you think of dolphins, you likely picture oceanic dolphins—gray in color, leaping out of the water, and swimming in pods. Another type of dolphin, the […]
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