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Big Day for Dolphin Sightings in Los Angeles
Humpbacks, Dolphins, and a few Fin Whales
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This whale watching season continues to amaze our guests every day with a record-breaking number of blue whale sightings and breathtaking views on the clear blue waters of the Pacific ocean. The morning of September 27th started off with gloomy skies and lite ocean fog, which may seem like a bummer for whale watching. But as an experienced Captain and whale watching expert of over 20 years, I know it’s not about how the day starts, but how you end it. And boy was I right. The overcast gray skies began to make way to the bright California sun which warmed the cool sea air, and the ocean fog began to clear, revealing the glassy blue waters beneath them. 

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The poor conditions of this morning actually created the perfect storm, a nice cool day with calm clear waters, which are the best type of conditions for southern California whale watching.  As we began to set sail on what was panning out to be a really nice day. One of our keen-eyed passengers spotted a blue whale spout breaking the surface of the water out in the distance. Turns out our passenger’s stellar vision wasn’t just luck. This LA local was an avid whale watcher and knew exactly what to look for. Our passengers sure thanked him later because what he actually spotted was a large pod of 7 giant blue whales. The sunny skies and clear waters made this group of blue whales seem like they were right in front of you. Whale Blow SpoutIn fact, 3 of them approached our vessel and one even gave a big hello to our passengers with a big spout from its blowhole. The fun didn’t stop here, as we rounded out the trip, we came across a very brief sighting of a fin whale. We would all love to have a long gaze at a beautiful ocean giant like a fin whale, but quicksightings are just as entertaining as many passengers attempt to guess what species the whale is before it disappears into the abyss. To bring this amazing trip to a close the local marine life of Los Angeles had one more surprise for our passengers. Just about 30 mins out from the LA harbor we came across 500 bottlenose dolphins who were enjoying the warm waters of the pacific and riding the smooth current after a long day of hunting.



This whale watching season continues to get better and better, and today’s trip was nothing short of amazing. Our cruise-goers witnessed 7 giant blue whales, 500 bottlenose dolphins, and 1 fin whale. Remember whale watching in southern California is year-round and some of the best whale watching happens during the cooler months. So, don’t miss your chance to view the wonders of nature and book a whale watching cruise in Los Angeles or Long Beach with Harbor Breeze Cruises today!

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