Big Day for Dolphin Sightings in Los Angeles

Blue Spout - LA Whale Watching
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Dolphin Sightings - LA Whale Watching

A recent all-day whale watching cruise of ours yielded big sightings and even bigger smiles.

 On the sunny day of August 29th, the sea was calm, and the skies were clear which meant it was the perfect day to enjoy the water and observed the beauty of marine life in Southern California. In this day-long trip, our cruise-goers witnessed a chart-topping day of 6 plus blue whales, 1 humpback whale, 1000 plus long-beaked dolphins, 1000 short-beaked dolphins, and 500 plus bottlenose dolphins.

 This day-long whale watching cruise departed at 8 am just off the coast of Los Angeles and set sail to visit the breeding grounds for the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale. The start of this trip was quite eventful, as we spotted several blue whales en route to our target destination. Once we reached the land of the giants, we spotted several more blue whales. 

 As the trip continued, we ventured further into the pacific ocean where we spotted a few more blue whales and one humpback whale sighting along the way. During the midpoint of this trip, we stopped at an offshore island to catch a glimpse of the unsuspecting marine life that sometimes frequents these islands. We began to set sail back to the coastline thinking we exhausted all marine life sightings; little did we know the best was yet to come. 

Blue Whale Tail Fin - LA Whale Watching


Soon after beginning our return home Captain Dan spotted a decent pod of short-nosed dolphins riding the waves of the ocean. At first sight, this dolphin pod appeared to be 6-7 small groups feeding on fish but as we got closer, we saw over 1000 short-nosed dolphins spread out across the ocean. The sight of this massive pod was truly amazing and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better on our journey home, we came across another pod of 1000 plus long-nosed dolphins scattered across the sea to cap off our all-day excursion.

Experience the beautiful marine life of Southern California and join Harbor Breeze on a Los Angeles whale watching cruise.

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