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         At Harbor Breeze Cruises, we specialize in taking you on unforgettable whale-watching excursions. We love what we do, and it’s always a pleasure when we get to witness our passengers smiling, pointing, taking photographs, and relishing the panoramic ocean views that our cruises provide.

We appreciate when people like you visit our website to learn about the cruises we offer, the majestic creatures we spot, and the educational opportunities our cruises afford people of all ages. We’re always impressed by the questions people ask us, and two of the most popular are: when is whale watching season in California? And when is whale watching season in Southern California?

When you board one of our eco-friendly catamarans and join us for a cruise in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, we strive to educate you as much as possible because we want to foster an environment that’s not only relaxing and enjoyable but also educational. So, just like all the other fantastic questions we’re often asked, we’re happy to answer these two. Maybe you’ll even share this blog post with someone you know who has brought up the idea of going on a whale-watching cruise but then added that they weren’t sure when to go . . .


When Is Whale Watching Season in California?

         We’re pleased to inform you that there are year-round whale-watching possibilities off the coast of California!

         If you’re fascinated by a certain type of whale, we suggest booking your whale-watching tour with Harbor Breeze Cruises during a specific season. Blue whales, for instance, are most often seen in the summer months. Here are the whales that you can try to spot in the winter, spring, summer, and fall in California:

  • Winter: From December through February, gray whales go on a long migration, and we’re sometimes fortunate enough to see them as they make their way from Alaska toward Mexico. Winter is also a fabulous time of year to see large pods of bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and Pacific white-sided dolphins.
  • Spring: If you’re in California during March, April, or May, you might very well get to see gray whales and their calves! During this time of year, gray whales and their newborns are making their way from Mexico back to Alaska, and they’re quite a sight to see. Fin whales are also around during the spring months, as are all the dolphin species we listed above. Sometimes humpback whales even make an appearance in the spring.
  • Summer: The largest animal in the world is the blue whale, and if seeing one in person is an item on your bucket list, book a cruise in June, July, or August. During our search for blue whales in the summertime, you should also be prepared to try to spot megapods of common dolphins. Summertime occasionally affords us the chance to see humpback whales, fin whales, and minke whales, too.
  • Fall: When we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, we’re also ready to say hello to humpback whales. From September through November, humpback whales come our way. Many graceful dolphin species that inhabit the Pacific are also particularly active during this time. If you’re lucky, you may even spot an orca (also known as a killer whale) or a gray whale before the latter begins its long migration.


When Is Whale Watching Season in Southern California?

Harbor Breeze Cruises is proudly located at 100 Aquarium Way, Dock #2, in Long Beach, California. We’re always eager to take individuals, couples, and families on whale-watching cruises in Southern California because this is a prime location in terms of spotting marine mammals that you might not be able to see in other regions or, for that matter, in other parts of the world! The rich and nutrient-dense waters off the coast of Southern California beckon many whale and dolphin species, and while no sightings are ever guaranteed, we are accustomed to spotting blue whales May through November and gray whales December through April. If we spot a whale or other marine mammal, we’re quick to inform all our passengers so they don’t miss their unique chance to see these creatures in their natural habitats.

Even if you don’t get to see a whale, you might see other incredible marine mammals such as dolphins, sea lions, and harbor seals; we encounter these animals throughout the year, and we’re inclined to think that they’re as happy to see us as we are to see them!

Passengers who have joined us for a cruise have also been treated to sightings of fin whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and killer whales. You never know what you’ll see during your cruise, which makes it all the more exciting and thrilling.


Go Whale Watching with Harbor Breeze Cruises

         Now that we’ve answered the questions “When is whale watching season in California?” and “When is whale watching season in Southern California,” we hope you’re now feeling even more inclined to join us on a whale watching cruise. You’re welcome to purchase tickets online or call us at 562-983-6880 to make your reservation. No matter what time of year you join us, you’re bound to find your trip worthwhile, affordable, and memorable, and we can’t wait to be part of your itinerary next time you’re in Southern California!

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