Great Weekend Sightings 6/26

orca killer whale pod seen by harbor breeze LA whale watching cruises
Amazing Recent Orca Sightings 6/23/2017
Gray whale blowing water Long Beach whale watching cruise
Blue Whales and much more sighted off Long Beach!
whale spouting water seen on harbor breeze LA whale watching cruise

We had an awesome weekend of whale sightings in Long Beach. We saw over 9 Fin Whales, Common and Bottlenose Dolphins, a Mako Shark, and a few Mola Mola. Join us for a Long Beach whale watching at 12:00pm and 3:00pm every day.

You can always follow us on Facebook, we post photos and videos daily of our sightings. Purchase online and receive $10.00 off adult full fare tickets, normal walk up rate for adults is $45.00 but only $35.00 online. The best Long Beach whale watching in Southern California.

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