Harbor Breeze’s Whale Watching Blog & Sightings Log

Most Common Whales in California

California is a hotspot for whale watching, with a variety of species passing through its waters throughout the year. From towering Blue whales to Fin whales, […]
Dolphin jumping on Los Angeles whale watching cruise

What to Know About Dolphin Speed

Seeing dolphins in real life is an incredible experience. But not many people realize how fast these majestic creatures swim. You may also be wondering “how […]
Harbor Breeze LA Whale Watching Cruise

10 Facts about Whale Sharks

When you think of sharks, whale sharks aren’t typically the first species that comes to mind. Instead, we often envision the great white shark—it is arguably […]
Common dolphin flying out water on Los Angeles whale watching cruise

Dolphins vs Porpoises: What’s the Difference?

The debate of dolphins vs porpoises has taken place for years. In terms of similarities, the two animals are both marine mammals related to whales. All […]
footer image, crystal clear water - bottom of the ocean - coral reef

Explaining the Importance of Algae

Algae and marine plants provide shelter and food to fish and other marine life. Many people don’t realize that algae aren’t just important to modern aquatic […]
two dolphins swimming

The Basics of Dolphin Diets

Dolphins are among the most well-known oceanic creatures on Earth. They are renowned for their overall intelligence and playful demeanor. But have you ever wondered about […]
Long Beach underwater reef

The Most Common Marine Plants

Marine plants are some of the most unsung heroes of the seas. Without their presence, many of the aquatic ecosystems that we humans have come to […]
bottlenose dolphin breaching water on Long Beach whale watching cruise

8 Common Bottlenose Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are one of the most charismatic aquatic creatures, and when people think of these animals they often think of bottlenose dolphins. Here at Harbor Breeze […]
two common dolphins spotted by harbor breeze LA whale watching cruises

7 Fun Facts about Risso’s Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, and when people think of these smart animals they often think of bottlenose or common […]
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