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A Guide to False Killer Whales

Most people are familiar with killer whales, also known as orcas. These apex predators are widely recognized marine mammals belonging to the dolphin family. Known for […]
orca sighting seen by harbor breeze Long Beach whale watching cruises

Orca vs Great White Shark: Who’s the Apex Predator

The world’s oceans are full of fascinating creatures, including quite a few large and rather intimidating marine animals! If you love nature and the ocean as […]
Long Beach whale watching boat from harbor breeze cruises

8 Must-Know Pink River Dolphin Facts

When you think of dolphins, you likely picture oceanic dolphins—gray in color, leaping out of the water, and swimming in pods. Another type of dolphin, the […]
Sperm whale on Long Beach whale watching tour

10 Facts About Ambergris

What is ambergris? It’s often referred to as the “treasure of the sea” or “floating gold.” Humans have been procuring this substance for centuries, and for […]
educational field trip with harbor breeze cruises

Atlantic Salmon vs Pacific Salmon

When you’re buying salmon at the supermarket, you have probably noticed two different types: Atlantic Salmon vs Pacific Salmon. Have you ever wondered what the difference […]
Kristina - Long Beach California Whale Watching Boat

The True Story of Shoebert the Seal

If ever there were a whale of a tale, it’s got to be the story of Shoebert the Seal. Last fall, Shoebert became a social media […]

The Importance of Dolphin & Whale Blowholes

From an outsider’s perspective, the earth’s waters are quite mysterious. Yet dolphins and whales seem to effortlessly glide through them with a gracefulness we can only […]

A Guide to Whale Evolution

Whales are the biggest animals on Earth. They’re mammals, just like humans, and have a few things in common with us:   A body temperature ranging […]

10 Types of Extinct Whales

Folk stories are filled with tales of sea creatures that swallow humans and ships whole and for thousands of years, these stories made the sea an […]
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