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One of the best year-round activities to do in Los Angeles is whale watching. If you’re looking for places that are open in Los Angeles and your whole family can go, our Harbor Breeze whale watching excursions are memorable for all ages. Southern California is believed to be the birthplace of whale watching and the waters of the Pacific Ocean won’t disappoint. From whales migrating to dolphins playing and sea Lions sunbathing, these tours easily attract thousands of visitors each year to Southern California. 


Which Animals to Spot Each Season

Depending on which time of year you go out for a whale watching tour, you will see different wildlife animals. Our Summer season is May-November and that’s when you will be able to see Blue Whales, the largest animal on the planet! From December-April is when you’ll be able to watch the annual migration of the Pacific Gray Whale which travels from the Bering Sea in Alaska to Scammon’s Lagoon in Baja California, Mexico. Year-round you’ll be able to catch sightings of Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, Minke Whales, and Orcas. Alongside whales, you’ll also spot different species of Dolphins like the Common, Bottlenose, Risso’s, and Pacific White Sided. View our photo gallery from past excursions.


The Best Time of Day for Spotting Whales

There are several great times to watch whales and Harbor Breeze is one of those places that is open in Los Angeles in the morning and afternoon to suit all schedules and sightings. We offer whale watching tours at different times throughout the day so that you can be sure it fits into your schedule. Whales can be seen throughout the day no matter which tour you choose. Early morning tours will include searching for and spotting sea life and afternoon tours will watch for already located whales in the harbor.


How to Dress for Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching is one of the best year-round activities which means there are different ways to dress depending on when you go. For whale watching tours in the Fall and Winter, the key is to bring layers. Temperatures on the water are always colder than on the mainland. Hats, gloves, flannels, coats, and sweaters are encouraged for a comfortable trip. If your excursion is in the Spring or Summer, layers like windbreakers and raincoats are great for staying warm and dry. It’s easy to get wet on the boat tours, so water-resistant layers are helpful.


Which Whale Watching Tour to Go On

If you’re looking for what is open in Los Angeles on the weekend, we suggest taking our most popular tour: the Whale Watching and Dolphin Tour. On this 2 ½-hour excursion into the Pacific Ocean, an expert educator from the Aquarium of the Pacific will lead the tour with informative narration throughout the trip. Not only can you glimpse Gray, Blue, Fin, Minke, and Humpback whales, but also dolphins, sea lions, and marine birds. If you have a shorter availability or want to take a trip during the week, we also offer a 45-minute Narrated Harbor Tour. This narrated tour is filled with history and education about the harbor along with incredible views of the Long Beach skyline, cargo and container ships from all over the world, and California Sea Lions playing in the harbor.


How to Book Your Tour

We recommend making your reservations as early as possible when there is a migration season approaching because dates fill up quickly to watch this majestic experience. You can book your group reservations over the phone or on our website. If you have any questions on how to best prepare for your tour or the wildlife you’ll be seeing, our team would be happy to hear from you. Book your tour now.


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