Are Whale Watching Trips Family Friendly?

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If your family is planning a visit to the Long Beach or Los Angeles area, whale watching is a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss! Whale watching trips are an incredibly exciting activity for every member of the family, including kids of all ages. A whale watching cruise is sure to spark within kids a love for the ocean and peek their curiosity about its enigma and wonder. The naturalists on board the ship will provide enriching commentary along the journey to help kids learn more about the ocean’s majestic giants, which they are sure to enjoy.

Although whale watching adventures are fun and exciting, they do last for a few hours which can potentially fatigue younger children on board. That being said, below are some helpful tips and tricks to keep young kids entertained and engaged throughout the excursion at sea.

Tips for Whale Watching with Kids

Pack binoculars. When planning a whale watching tour, we recommend coming prepared with several sets of binoculars for each family member. Witnessing whales or other marine life could occur near or far from the ship, so it’s important to come equipped with binoculars to give each family member an equal chance to be able to see the activity clearly. Kids will definitely appreciate it!

Bring games. During the length of the whale watching trips, there is some down time when the ship has to navigate the water to find different marine life. Being on the ship out on the water is a novelty in and of itself. But if your child has the tendency to get bored or fidgety, it could be of benefit to bring a game, book, crayons, or a puzzle to entertain them while waiting to see different sea creatures. Typically, the marine biologists on board do a good job keeping things exciting, but it’s good to be prepared just in case.

Dress the part. Another important aspect to consider when bringing kids on a whale watching trip is the weather. Be sure to be aware of the temperature both on land and on the water and dress children accordingly so they are comfortable. Typically, the boat ride is about 10-20 degrees cooler on the water than it is on land – and windier as well. Make sure to pack jackets and scarves/hats if it’s going to be cooler outside during your trip.

Prevent sea sickness. Motion sickness will definitely ruin any child’s whale watching trip, so make sure to be prepared for that as well. If your child is prone to sea sickness and needs Dramamine or other motion sickness medication, be sure to read the label instructions and take according to safety regulations. Another thing to keep in mind is the drowsy effect that Dramamine will have (even the non-drowsy kind!). Keep this in mind when planning your whale watching trip as well.

Harbor Breeze Cruises

For an unforgettable family adventure, contact Harbor Breeze for more information on our whale watching trips. For decades, we have been the leader in Long Beach whale watching and Los Angeles whale watching providing our passengers with enriching, educational, and inspiring experiences out on the ocean. We look forward to taking you and your family out on the ocean soon!

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