It’s the End of Summer, but Not the End of the Whales!

whale spouting water Los Angeles whale watching cruise
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blue whale spouting water seen by harbor breeze Long Beach whale watching cruises
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humpback whale jumping out of the water on LA whale watching cruise

Even though the Summer is now winding down, according to all the amazing sightings on our recent whale watches and the breathtaking photos taken, there still an abundance of life! This week, we will be not only showcasing the unmatched photography skills of Harbor Breeze’s very own, Erik Combs, but we are going to get to know him a little better!

If you have been following these whale blogs or are reading one for the first time, you may have noticed that many of the photos that are showcased are from one of the deck-hands/whale spotting experts and tall, red-headed friend, Erik! We have been showing his photos for quite some time now and they never cease to amaze. He always has a way of capturing the animals in such a way that it really makes you feel the excitement of that day, even if you were not present. This blog comes out every two weeks, and I always wonder how he can provide such quality photos is just that short amount of time! How does he do it?

Here is a little more about Erik:

“I’ve been working for Harbor Breeze for 3 1/2 to 4 years but I’ve been working on boats for 11 years now. I’m the senior deckhand at Harbor Breeze. I started using my iPhone with a lens attachment when I first started whale watching but I wanted to take better pictures so that got me into photography. At the time, all the other whale watch companies had a deckhand or naturalist or someone with a good camera posting pictures of what they saw for that trip and I wanted to do the same for Harbor Breeze so that motivated me to buy my first camera about a year ago and since then, I have been trying to perfect my skills everyday.”

There have been so many awesome sightings recently, so check out Erik’s photos of the blues, humpbacks, brown booby birds, sea lions eating sharks, hammerhead sharks, and baby whales and dolphins!

We will soon be saying goodbye to this Summer’s photo ID interns, Jannet, David, Gabi, and Katie as they go on with their lives and back to school, though, some of them will still be around to help us our with our research! Soon, we will be training new interns onboard to collect that data and acquire invaluable research experience. We will miss our Summer interns! If you would like to read about their stories, you can click their names above to read their stories, and see their work!

Even though the Summer is over, there is still lots of warm, sunny days ahead, weekends, and holidays, so come on out on a Long Beach whale watching and Los Angeles whale watching adventure, and maybe you can take away some amazing photos to share with friends and family as well!

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