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11/4 Gray Whale Season is Upon Us + Recent Sightings

whale spotting on Harbor Breeze long beach whale watching Cruise ship off the coast of Newport Beach
Whale Watching Sightings Log
November 4, 2019
11/18 Humpback Whales Galore
November 18, 2019

We have had awesome sightings heading into Gray Whale Season! We have already started to see early Gray Whales along with Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, and lots of Dolphins off of the beautiful coasts of Long Beach and Los Angeles. For a full list of our most recent sightings please visit

We also post daily sightings and photos on our Facebook page:

Sun Nov, 3 3:00pm 100 Common Dolphins
Sun Nov, 3 12:00pm 100 Common Dolphins
Sat Nov, 2 3:00pm 300 Common Dolphins
Sat Nov, 2 12:00pm 20 Common Dolphins
Fri Nov, 1 3:00pm 1 Gray Whale
Fri Nov, 1 12:00pm 300 Common Dolphins
Thu Oct, 31 3:00pm 2000 Common Dolphins, 15 Bottle Nose Dolphins
Thu Oct, 31 12:00pm 2000 Common Dolphins

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